Cimbria Heid Kaack Catadors
Pneumatic Coffee Separator for the pneumatic separation of green coffee beans according to specific gravity. Intended for use after size and shape grading this machine offers the indispensable supplement to ultimate grading and will normally even eliminate a large part of the discoloured beans thus obtaining a product satisfactory to the maximum possible to the demands of the world coffee market.
Cimbria Heid Kaack KSE 500/510
This parchment husker is designed for husking and polishing parchment coffee.
Working principle
The throughput rate is set at the machine inlet by means of a slide gate. The coffee beans are caught by the spiral windings of the rotor and conveyed towards the outlet. During convey¬ing, intensive husking and polishing takes place
Cimbria Heid Kaack Picking Table
Available in standard lengths of 5m for 12 persons, 10 m for 24 persons and 15 m for 36 persons. Electric drive, stretching device for adjusting endless picking belt. Feeding hopper with distribution device, time cut-out controlling, standstill of belt between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Discharge of hand picked coffee into bag filling box or into a continuous flow.
  KSE - Catadors - Picking Table 

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