Hansa 14 Huller/Polisher
Hansa 10 Huller/Polisher
The HANSA SM is the ideal combination of a Huller and a Polisher for treating both dry parchment and cherry coffee of any kind. Its special feature is the gentle yet complete "blunt hulling" ability, effected by the fluted broad hulling cheeks, and completed by friction under pressure of the coffee inside the cylinder. In this manner the much appreciated polishing effect is achieved.

SKP Huller and Polisher
This parchment husker is designed for husking and polishing parchment coffee.
Working principle
The throughput rate is set at the machine inlet by means of a slide gate. The coffee beans are caught by the spiral windings of the rotor and conveyed towards the outlet. During convey¬ing, intensive husking and polishing takes place. 
Huller SSM 500 - SSM 510
A new generation of hulling machine, that makes a perfect hulling of dry coffee cherries possible. A sturdy, all-steel construction with sealed, life-time lubricated ball-bearings. The few susceptible parts to wear can be replaced easily without dismantling the machine and are available at reasonable prices. 

  Huller and Polisher
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