JKFIndustri A/S develops and manufactures components for process ventilation and air filtration systems. The product programme comprises ducts, duct systems, filters and fans, and are used by a wide range of businesses within the woodworking, milling, agriculture, plastic, paper, textile, recycling, powder painting, sandblasting, metal working industries - including the welding, plasma, laser, tobacco and medical industry etc. 

Applications - Effective Dust Separation

Cimbria Verifan and Cimbria Centrifugal Fan

Cimbria Cyclofan
The Citnbria Cyclofan is a combination of a fan and a highly efficient mechanical dust separator. The effective separation of dust particles is based on the centrifugal force in a rotating air-stream, which is obtained by a specially designed centrifugal impeller and increased by means of guide vanes.

Cimbria Super Cyclofan
The structure and the particle size of the dust are still decisive factors with respect to efficiency, but the limits of performance have been pushed back even further, and the degree of separation of normal dust from grain can exceed 99%. 
  Dust Control
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